The goal of phase 1 of the Black Teacher Archive is to locate, digitize, and create an openly accessible portal for “Colored Teacher Association” publications. We aim to create a complete digital record of the official organs of “Colored Teacher Associations” published from the mid-1920s to the late 1960s. In collaboration with repositories stewarding these journals in their collection, we intend to apply a non-custodial approach to improving the accessibility to these primary sources. Contributing partners will maintain ownership of the analog journals and the project offers resources for the labor of digitization. Does your repository have copies of journals?

We estimate that more than 650 volumes of CTA journals, composed of approximately 5,000 CTA journal issues exist. Digitization and online access provide unprecedented possibilities for scholars to determine educational trends across states and tell a thicker history of the institutional structure of Jim Crow and how Black America navigated and resisted these structures. Below are names of the associations and their related journal publications (parenthesis indicate previous names):

  • American Teachers Association (National Association of Teachers in Colored Schools) – The Bulletin
  • Alabama State Teachers’ Association – Alabama State Teachers’ Association Journal
  • Arkansas Teachers’ Association – The Bulletin (The Journal)
  • Florida State Teachers’ Association – The Bulletin
  • Georgia Teachers & Educators Association – The Herald
  • Kentucky Teachers’ Association (Kentucky Negro Education Association) – Kentucky Negro Education Association Journal
  • Louisiana Education Association (Louisiana Colored Teachers Association) – Louisiana Education Association Journal (Louisiana Colored Teachers’ Journal)
  • Mississippi Teachers’ Association (Mississippi Association of Teachers in Colored Schools) – Mississippi Educational Journal
  • Missouri State Association of Negro Teachers – Journal of Education
  • North Carolina Teachers’ Association (North Carolina State Teachers’ Educational Association) – North Carolina Teachers Record (Progressive Educator)
  • Oklahoma Association of Negro Teachers – The Teachers’ Journal (The Journal)
  • Palmetto Education Association (Palmetto State Teachers Association) – Palmetto Education Association Journal (Palmetto State Teaches Association Journal)
  • Tennessee State Association of Teachers’ in Colored Schools – The Broadcaster
  • Teachers State Association of Texas – Texas Standard
  • Virginia Teachers Association (Virginia Association for Education) – Virginia Teachers Bulletin (Virginia Education Bulletin)
  • West Virginia State Teachers’ Association – The Bulletin

Below are associations that did not produce publications:

  • Delaware State Colored Teachers’ Association
  • Maryland Educational Association (Maryland State Colored Teachers’ Association)
  • New Jersey Organization of Teachers of Colored Children
  • Ohio Colored Teachers’ Association
  • Pennsylvania Association of Teachers of Colored Children